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Info about the Qiqihar Medical University of China for MBBS

Info about the Qiqihar Medical University of China for MBBS

Qiqihar Medical University is regarded as one of the most popular medical universities of the Qiqihar region. And the medical university of Qiqihar has been giving the perfect education to the local and international students from other countries of the world. The medical university has been generally accepted for its medical research, medical education, and the study MBBS in China. The Qiqihar Medical University effectively manages the exchange and co-operation functions, inter-university relationships, and as well as manages the pleasant organization with a lot of reputed institutes at the international level.

Quick Glimpse of Qiqihar Medical University

Established in: 1946

The communication of Study: Chinese and English

Approved by: Medical Council of India, the World Health Organization

Academic Staff: around 3,453

Number of Students: Over 15,000

University Campus: 6 affiliated hospitals, 8 schools, 4 practice-based schools, and 25 teaching hospitals

Library: a collection of 800,000 volumes of books and offers Electronic Reading Section and CD-ROM Retrieval System. 3 Journals are subsidized by the University.

Weather: average annual temperature is +3.5 °C; average annual rainfall is 428 mm

Overall Area: about 986,000 sq. meters

Food: mess service accessible

Nearest Airport: Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China

Deadline: 30th October

Tuition Fee: 168,000 Rupees per year (approx.)

Admission Procedure: Direct (No Entrance examination)

Address: No.333, Bukui Street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, China, 161006


The Qiqihar medical university manages the eight schools and faculties. The university also has around 6 associated hospitals, recognized about 25 teaching and practice hospitals, and also has exercise bases and 4 schools for exercising as well. At present, the university includes 856 professors and a staff of 3489 as well as associate professors and over 66.8% of teachers with a master’s degree. And the undergraduate education program at QMU (Qiqihar Medical University) combines the 25 disciplinary orientations and specialties that covering 5 disciplines like law, medicine, engineering, science, and managing. And this university is also categorized in MCI approved medical university in China.

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